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Whole Rabbit skinned, dressed and oven-ready, about 1-2 lbs. This wonderfully lean chicken alternative that cooks beautifully!
rabbit Meat
Fresh Wild Rabbit Whole ( Oven Ready ) 3.75 Each

These are "Prime Cuts" of meat from the Rabbit. This is the meat taken from behind the ribcage The Saddle and the Back legs. ( Saddle and legs supplied as 1 joint ) Sold in Packs of 2. ( As in Photograph below )!
rabbit Meat
Rabbit Saddle & Back legs X2 ( Oven Ready ) 6.00 For pack of 2

All my meat is inspected by myself and is suitable for the human food chain.

Under the new meat hygiene rules all game and wild meat must be inspected by a trained person that has a qualification in game meat hygiene and has a trained hunters ID number before it is sold for human consumption.
This is because from the 1st of January 2006 new food hygiene rules were introduced in the UK covering game (this includes all game birds, all deer, duck, geese, pigeon, rabbit, hare, even squirrel and rook)


Nutritional Information

Rabbit meat is lower in fat and calories than other types of meat. According to research, it contains 795 calories per pound, and 63 percent of its fatty acids come from unsaturated fat. Both levels are lower than those of chicken, turkey, beef and pork. This makes it suitable for people who are trying to lose weight or are on a low-fat diet for health reasons.

Research indicates that rabbit meat is the highest of all meats in the percentage of protein content. It is also lower in cholesterol than chicken, beef, lamb or pork. Rabbit meat contains 164 milligrams of cholesterol per 1000 grams, as opposed to chicken at 220mg, beef and pork at 230 mg and lamb at 250 mg.

Rabbit meat is relatively low in fat and high in protein. It is a good source of niacin, iron, phosphorus, and vitamin B12.

Rabbit meat has been proven to be one of the healthiest meats available in comparisons with some of the more commonly accepted varieties of meat eaten in today's society.

Delivery Terms and Conditions.

Rabbit are delivered to your door for a £2 delivery charge.
Within a 5 mile radius of high ercall ( sy4 Postcode )

Delivery over 5 miles charge £0.50 for each additional mile.All rabbits are packed for freshness.

Minimum order of 6 Rabbits is required for delivery.
Collection is not available

i do rabbits for pet meat in the fur £2.50 each or fur off £3.00 rifle shot!

also fresh wood pigeons £2 for 2 with feathers on or oven ready £1.50 each.

if you carnt collect we can send by couier at your cost.

Contact me for details
Telephone-07 97 20 95 15
Or email me-
Rabbits hot
And rabbit cold,
Rabbits young
And Rabbits old.
Rabbits tender
And Rabbits tough,
Never can we have enough"

please im having people contact me asking about fresh rabbits and if i can send them ,and asking how they pay i give them my bank details and dont get the money transfer done please dont waste my time.
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